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Both the increasing complexity of security installations and the increasing number of interactions (access control, video, intrusion, BMS...) make related services a major stake when it comes to ensuring system effectiveness and sustainability.

This is why TIL TECHNOLOGIES provides both integrators and end customers with service contracts aiming to support on-site operations and to ensure its system evolution.

Depending on the selected support level (Standard or Privilege), the Support and Maintenance contracts offer the following services:

  • Telephone assistance for partners and end customers.
  • Curative maintenance (bug fixing).
  • Evolutive maintenance (free MICROSESAME updates).
  • End customer operating assistance (remote maintenance, database backup).
  • Site interventions (preventive maintenance, audit, expertise).

Advantages for end customers:

  • High-level service and proactiveness: reduced response times; end customers supported by the TIL TECHNOLOGIES technicians (remote maintenance, on-site interventions).
  • Investment preservation: software updates guarantee the system evolution, sustainability and support. New features are only available when using lastest MICROSESAME versions.
  • Cost effectiveness: unexpected expenses are replaced by an annual fixed fee (Average of 3% of the global cost including software and hardware). Replace your investment budget by a fixed operating fee.


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TIL wants to achieve economic performance in respecting the environment and social equity.

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Quality approach

With the Qualification & Certification First Level of Security TIL guarantees the high security of its products and its solution MICRO-SESAME.


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French leader in physical access security of professional site, VITAPROTECH GROUP has 300 employees divided on 8 companies over the world.



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