VISIO-SESAME, video surveillance monitoring and control

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The VISIO-SESAME software enables communication with numerous digital video recorders. Most common video surveillance operations can be performed from any MICRO-SESAME workstation using this interface.

Features include:

Selection of images coming from a camera by clicking on a building graphical view (operation synoptic).

Real-time video visualisation, video-recording triggering, dome control, control of the video display matrix.

Automatic control of operator video actions, events and orders. For instance: automatic dome positioning if unauthorised badges are detected or if intrusion alarms are triggered.

Visualisation of recorded images from the « history » feature in MICRO-SESAME, ensuring data synchronisation (a unique history file for access control, intrusion and video). This feature makes it easier to find video footage associated to a system alarm.

Management of operational video alarms (activity detection via video) and operating alarms (loss of video signal or other issues) coming from the recorders.

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Supported solutions:

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VISIO-SESAME product datasheet


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